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Offer ended, A huge THANK YOU for your support!

"Without wine, there is no love", said Euripides. And without love, there is no wine, one would be tempted to add by tasting the wines of the areas of La Baudelière in Aigle and Diserens - Les Moines in Villeneuve.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Stéphanie Delarze and Serge Diserens have been husband and wife in the city since their meeting in… Changins. Independent, they cultivate a common love for the vine and share some wine-making secrets, while keeping their identity. On the other hand, because they are both the heirs of a family tradition that they respect and perpetuate by bringing this delicious touch of modernity and discovery.

This site is dedicated to discovering their products, as well as privileged access to order and enjoy their specialties.

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